Dear friends, supporters and People with Epilepsy,

as all of you, we are extremely concerned about the current political and health situation in Ukraine. Our support and help must be put in place immediately! We will try to send the drugs and all the financial aid we can collect, to colleagues and People with Epilepsy overwhelmed by the war.

That’s is why the Italian League Against Epilepsy (LICE) and the LICE Foundation are organizing, in addition to the collection of basic necessities, a fundraiser to be allocated to the UKRAINE League Against Epilepsy.

In Ukraine, as a result of the war, medical assistance to Persons with Epilepsy remaining in the country, is suffering significant limitations and even the procurement of drugs is becoming a serious problem.

Let’s help solve some of these problems!

LICE fundraising will continue until March 31st 2022 and each donation can be made by paying even a small amount into our account through PayPal System  or by bank swift

Account number: IT 43 A 03069 09606 100000060774 – BIC BCITITMM – on behalf of Fondazione Epilessia LICE.

At the end of the collection, we will communicate on our website the total raised amount and the recipient of the funds.