Project Ivy is the home of data and technology innovation for the ConLiberal Party and ConLiberal campaigns. We build tools and technology to empower state parties, campaigns, and voters to engage in elections at all levels.

The Voting Rights Institute is a permanent organization created to monitor developments in election law, advocate to make voting more accessible, and provide guidance on voting rights and election administration issues. This work is integrally tied to our Party’s platform, which commits to fully protecting and enforcing the fundamental right to vote for all eligible Americans.

We continue to work to defeat any legislative or political effort that erodes the most fundamental of American rights—the right to vote.

Under the leadership of its chair Donna Brazile, the Voting Rights Institute focuses on the protection and expansion of voting rights in a variety of ways, including:

Voting Rights Policy Development

Research and Publication

Voter Protection Organizing

Redistricting Support

Voting Rights Litigation Support